Tumbles, Tires, Park and Family

So we began our day like any other, Diesel woke up happy and ready to go at 6:30 and I rolled over  and said its not time to get up! 30 more minutes!?! I think he gave me 15. So then I “rolled” out of bed and got my coffee and Diesels morning drink, we sat for a bit and sipped on our drinks. 

Then we were off by 9:30 to start our day out, Diesel did his tumbling class and I kept him as on task as you can keep a two year old. Then time to head out for the rest of the day, but wait I’m in yoga pants and they just aren’t as presentable as I would like to make myself look, have no fear! I packed a skit to put on, and slipped it on and the yoga pants off in the car. And put a touch of make up on. So then we get to the tire shop and we chill for about 30 minutes while Madam Blueberry gets her new wheels. Yes my car has a name and yes it is Madam Blueberry, she was named after a veggie tails character, (I’m so blue, oo oo blue, ooo I’m so blue I don’t know what to do.) she was names this because she gets treated very well for a car but she’s never happy. And she’s blue.  

Then because we had like 2 and a half hours to kill we went to the park and played, Diesel tried to make new friends but they were like 12months old and not at a almost 2 year old level. Oh yes he went down the slide on his own for the first time!! Getting so big! 

Alright so then we went and sat in the car for a bit where I was hopping he would nap, but he didn’t. And then we went to his new Dr. And had his check up. It was nice to finally get an answer on something you’ve been asking for like a year, all I wanted to know was how much bynadril he can have if he beaks out in hives again. And was nice to not feel like my child is a case study cuz he has a “rare” condition. Unfortunately the Dr. made me a lier, I told Diesel no shots and well the Dr said we were close enough to him being two that he would get that shot. Oops. But the nurse was prepared and put a lollipop in his face right after the shot, ALL BETTER! 

Alright then we went to Auntie Ninas house, where he played with his cousins and followed his uncle around, and one of the most entertaining parts, when his cousin would only give his mom kisses because she was saying they were gross.  

I didn’t get his full on belly laugh but almost. You get the idea. 

We left and got home around 9:30pm Diesel was already passed out and so just got put in bed. 

But it was a very nice day and Diesel didn’t have one meltdown… Woot!