New Movie and a Long Work Day.

So Diesel is now obsessed wit the movie The Good Dinosaur. And it’s a cute sweet movie, but it makes me cry and so I’m like ah can we just go back to Frozen and Paw Patrol at least those don’t make me cry. He’s watch it 3 times in one day, it’s the beginning of day two of owning it and he’s already watching it for a fourth time.  

Alright after the movie was over, was lunch nothing exciting. And then off to work we go! Hi ho hi ho. Nothing all that exciting. But here is Diesel playing with a truck he not quite positive about. 

  And then one of the boys after school teacher came over and Diesel had fun learning with her magnets. 

 No work tomorrow, but tumbling new tires and a Dr. Appointment are on the calendar.  

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